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Sunday, November 13, 2011

What's going on?

In 2005, I started a blog called "Those Williams Kids" to document the life of my kids to share with my family living in Indiana and for me to read and remember. It was my virtual baby book. I actually kept a first year calendar for D'arcy and for most of Julian's first year but abandoned it when I began my blog. In 2009, I started a blog to document what was happening with my business. I used it mostly to show sneak peeks of sessions I had recently photographed, but have been trying to broaden it to include photography as art or general interest. I was running into this problem. I would have a photograph to share and wouldn't know what blog to add it to. For example, I choose to document my Ethiopia trip on my Willow Grove Photography blog because I want to highlight some of the photos I took. Ultimately, though, that trip was personal and should have been included at some level on my Those Williams Kids blog. So many of my personal photos are worth displaying on my photography blog, but they always get added to my personal blog. I also felt hindered by the narrowness of my blogs. Where could I share experiences that may not include a photo and aren't specifically related to my children? Should I create a third blog for these? I began to feel overwhelmed and knew that one of the keys to a good blog is frequency of posts. My life needs simplicity. In so many areas of my life I'm trying to brainstorm how to simplify.
So, I'm combining my blogs into one SUPERBLOG. Hmmm...I think I may have just come up with a name for this sucker. This blog will include but is not limited to photos of clients that make me happy, stories of how my kids are beautiful and funny and sinful, or what book I'm currently reading but would not necessarily recommend. By the way, I'm currently reading Bridget Jones' Diary for the second time. I picked it up in England on our honeymoon eight and a half years ago. When I pulled it off the book shelf, a postcard of the manor we stayed at fell out. I love to stash items in books that document when you read them to be discovered on the next round. I'm totally relating to Bridget this week in her desire to stop all bad habits with no success. I must stop to sip my Mountain Dew now. Ahhhh...
Let me just state for the record that my webmaster isn't necessarily in full support of this change. You are going to make personal posts available to clients and client posts available to friends? Yes. See, I'm not a private person. My sister and I have discussed this on several occasions. Neither of us tends to hold back private information to those who ask. Ask me how much money our family makes. I'll tell you. Stephen's coworker's wife asked me what type of birth control we used. I had met her three hours prior. No problem. Plus, my business is personal to me. I've started calling it a micro-business. This term might have an actual meaning, but the meaning I give it is this. I take photos as a hobby. It's an opportunity for me to get out of the house and stop being mommy for a couple hours a week. I derive joy from learning and stretching myself. The added bonus is that I get paid. Many of my clients are friends, or friends of friends. I don't advertise and only get clients via word of mouth. It feels intimate, and I feel like my clients in many cases become friends. This is all to say, I'm comfortable mixing my personal life and my business life. Plus, Tara Whitney does it.
So here is a picture that yesterday I would have wondered, "Where do I share this?". I was photographing a wedding, walking across the church lawn, and couldn't resist stopping to take a picture of something that caught my eye. Photography keeps opening my eyes to the beauty around me.

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