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Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Brunz Family

We know Becky from church youth group. She married Micah and moved to South Dakota. It's funny because she and Micah married just one week after Stephen and I and they have four kiddos who are very similar in age to our four kids. Becky give good book suggestions and she makes great art. I commissioned her to do a few pieces for D'arcy. They turned out lovely. When we scheduled this session months ago, I thought this would be a maternity session. Becky was pregnant with her fifth baby due in January. But earlier this month, they discovered that their baby had passed away in the womb. I asked them if they would take time to share with me about their baby girl while I photographed them. I wanted to capture a portrait of a couple, almost ten years into marriage, living life together through the sad and the glad. They were sharing with me how the Lord was turning this very sad situation into good things...Kingdom things.

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