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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Those Moxley Kids

So last week I was able to share the photo of my newest nephew, and this week I'll get to show you photos of my newest nieces. If you've followed my blog for long, you might know some of my sister's story. If not, there is room to play catch up. I wrote about her in November 2009 when she discovered she was pregnant with triplets. Then I wrote about her in March 2009 when her triplets were born premature. Then when she found out she was pregnant with twins last December I started this photodocumentary.
Connie has been on bedrest since late April when she had a very scary bout of preterm labor at about 28 weeks. Procardia and little movement helped her keep her contractions at bay for six weeks. She's been going in for ultrasounds each week to confirm babies are growing well and her body is staying pregnant. On Thursday, I got a call from her saying that her doctor believed that she needed to deliver the babies today. Eowyn's foot was very close to the cervix. If Connie's water had broken, there was a chance Eowyn's cord could have slipped past the foot and out of the uterus. This is called a cord prolapse and is extremely dangerous. The cord could have become compressed leaving baby Eowyn without any oxygen. Rather than chance this, the doctor decided she would deliver them. Connie was hoping to get to July so that her girls could be as ready for life as possible and was sad to think they would most likely be going into the NICU for some support. But mostly, she was so thankful to meet the little gals who, with there big brother, will make her house wonderfully loud.
Here she as the first nurse tries to get an IV into her. She tried twice before giving up and calling someone who could find a non existent vein.

Doctor said the C section might happen at one thirty.
But it took her a little bit longer than expected.

We sat and waited to hear that babies were strong and able.

Eowyn was 5lbs 9oz. Tessa was 6lbs. Great sizes, but they still needed a little help breathing so Connie had to come back to her room and see her little ones on a camera screen.

They wheeled her by the NICU on the way to postpartum and got a chance to see this perfection.
The NICU nurses gave her a full update. Babies were doing well and now, five days after the birth, have been "unhooked".
Sweet touches...

and a little worry.
But look at these beauties. Welcome Eowyn Grace...
and Tessa Alexandra.
The day they were born was a beautiful one.
And here is the happy big brother.

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  1. So wonderful! Glad they are healthy and safe! Beautiful pics as always!