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Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Baby Shower

So I mentioned awhile back that my brother and sister-in-law were adopting a baby. Their dossier was submitted in July 2009 and then they waited...and waited. In January, they received what they were waiting for, a email in their inbox asking them if they would like pursue adopting a child named Rogi. They said, Yes! Absolutely! You didn't even have to ask! They've since been accumulating pictures of this little guy, watching him grow via digital cameras. On May 13th, after a long trip (my brother's first trip on an airplane, they arrived in Ethiopia and met their handsome son. They appeared before Ethiopian court who confirmed what had long since been confirmed in their hearts. Then they had to leave him. They are awaiting an embassy date. I have the privilege of accompanying Emily back to Ethiopia to get him.
Today, I hosted a shower to honor her today. Here's the new mommy wearing the dress she got in Ethiopia.

We played Bingo. FYI, if you ever want to create a individualized BINGO game don't make the cards yourself, use this site It saved my life last night at 11pm after returning from the Italian festival. We also had 15 photos of babies in the care house that Rogi currently lives in. Each person needed to determine which 7 were Rogi. It was fun.

Here's my favorite again. Thanks again, Mom, for helping me execute the party.

Oh, and here is the sweet face of one that is not quite like the others but will definitely belong.


  1. My favorite is the image that's mostly light blowing through the window, with hints of balloon, orange ribbon, and maps....really beautiful image. I like how it shows it without showing it, you know what I mean?

  2. Love the pictures! Cute ideas for the shower as well, I'll keep those in mind... Excited for them to be bringing their little boy home! We are only at the beginning of our adoption journey.