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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Adventures in Potty Training

Schroeder is two. It's summer time and my required "running around" is substantially less. He has a little sister who wears diapers. These three facts make my eager to get him potty trained.
So, last week (Thursday) I just put him in underwear and started taking him to the potty every twenty minutes. I set a timer for two minutes. He could either get down after he pottyed or after the timer went off, whichever came first. I even took him out without a diaper. We put a trash bag over his car seat. He peed on my sister's carpet, though, which she probably wasn't too thrilled about.
The grandparents had the kids for the weekend, so we took a break. I was at Target on Monday, and bought him some plastic training pants. That way he wouldn't leave as much of a puddle if he peed in public (on my sister's carpet).
Tuesday, I let him go naked. He doesn't love this concept. I can barely make him leave the house without a hat and jacket, he certainly isn't going to leave his bedroom in the morning completely naked. I tricked him by putting a t-shirt on. I thought we were doing well, but then discovered he had peed on the kitchen floor. When he's naked, he can pee and simply walk away. We did have success immediately following nap. If you throw them on the toilet just as they are waking up they are sure to pee. He was at least recognizing the feel.
Yesterday, I decided to put him in underwear and plastic training pants all day. Woke him up and immediately made him sit on the toilet. Nothing. Put his training pants on and within five minutes he ran up to me and said, "Mommy, I go bathroom." He couldn't just walk away from his mess. It was attached to him, trapped in these ridiculous plastic pants. More recognition.
Thursday, Woke up feeling like maybe he isn't quite ready but determined to stick it out for a week to see what happens. A couple of wet underwear. Success again after nap. Another pair of wet underwear. Then, after dinner, he walks up to me and whispers, "Mommy, I need to go bathroom."
Really, kid?
I walk in there saying, "Thanks for telling me." I sit him down. Poop and Pee ensue. I ask him if he is done. He tells me no. He sits there for a couple more minutes and I ask again if he is done. Man, this kid has somehow turned into his dad overnight, spending a good fifteen minutes on the toilet. Next thing I know, he's going to ask me to leave a good book in there for him.
I won't dwell on that, though. What I'm dwelling on is BREAKTHROUGH!
Maybe I'll post a picture of the ridiculous plastic pants tomorrow.


  1. Oh my! I laughed reading this, Melissa. Your kids are wonderful!

  2. You're encouraging me to start potty training with Zeke! I've been putting it off....

    also LOVE the pics of D'arcy playing piano! :)