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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My bedroom

We moved into a new house in March and people have been asking me if it feels like home. Well, the newness of the house has worn off, and now I just look around and see projects. I guess that means I'm settled. I accomplished something last week, though. After sitting in boxes for a year, my photo frames have finally been pulled out and hung, but the pictures desperately needed to be updated. I wanted to put a pop of color over my bed to accentuate the pillow shams I bought at Anthropologie. I love that store, but don't want to afford the things there. I went with $50 of birthday money last year and bought (on clearance) two pillowshams. Some of the photos I took in April inspired me, and I came up with this. It brightens up my room and makes me happy each morning.
Notice Stephen's thinkgeek pillow tucked under everything.
Each kid represented doing what they do naturally...crawling, dancing, and running.

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