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Monday, June 13, 2011

summer/ june 11-12

I'm picking up my camera during the weekend this summer trying to capture small moments of our lives. I shot mostly from the hip this weekend. This means that I didn't look through my viewfinder. I just put my camera around my neck. I would stop, brace my camera, and shoot the picture without picking it up. I was trying to not limit myself with my own eye.
We went to an Italian festival in our own neighborhood. There was spaghetti eating in the street. There were goldfish in colored water. There were church bells ringing. It was a nice evening.

I also took D'arcy to a free pottery class at our library that she was so looking forward to(also within walking distance). She made a chip and dip bowl. The outside was shaped like a flower, the inside like a heart. She stopped several times to say thank you for signing her up. Sweet girl.

Until next weekend...

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