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Monday, March 24, 2014

Kids say the darndest things.

Everyone decided to throw up this weekend. If they weren't throwing up on me, they were throwing up on large, bulky blankets that now require washing. After the first kid got sick, we started jumping up whenever we heard the kids start coughing or at least crossing our fingers hoping the other person was jumping. That's how it starts. They cough. Then they gag. It all happens so quick, too quick to get to the bathroom. And once they start, the best bet is just to stay where you are at instead of leaving a trail down the hall.

Like most days with kids, I'm just trying to take enjoyment from what comes out of their mouths. Well, at least, the words that come out.

Maggie had a couple funny things to say this morning. On Mondays, we all get up and get out the door. Julian and D'arcy head to school. Stephen heads to work. The rest of us head to the Y where Schroeder goes to preschool, Maggie takes a tumbling class, and I take a workout class. What!? So we all have to be out the door by nine which is ridiculously, but truthfully, a big stretch for us. I was getting Penelope dressed and Maggie wanted me to get her some breakfast pronto.

Me: Maggie, I can't do two things at once.
Maggie: But, Mom, you have two hands.

At three, her cleverness makes me proud. If she says this to me in a couple of years, I'll have a different reaction.

I was brushing her hair and she pointed to a book on the floor (Stephen's stack of bathroom books).

Maggie: Mom, is that Justin Beiber?
Me: Nope, that is Hunter S Thompson.

I guess she learned about him from her almost ten year old sister who is a big fan of Selena Gomez. Or maybe she learned it from watching The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Hulu with me. She approached a lady at church a couple of weeks ago and said in her little three year old voice, "You look like Lady Gaga."

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