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Saturday, March 8, 2014

I'm a little chipmunk six days old.

I took the months of December and January off, and winter is always my slowest time of year.  But I finally had an opportunity to get my camera out and photograph someone very new.  I listened to podcasts of Fresh Air on the way to and from my client's house.  As I was driving home, I realized how amazingly nice it was to escape my home and role as mom and venture out as Melissa for a couple of hours.  That's why I do this.  Not to be super busy or make a lot of money.  I do it to be Melissa, to meet new people, and be invited into their home and family for an hour or two and capture light falling on their faces.

Plus, it's fifty degrees outside, a temperature we haven't seen in three months.  We are on spring's doorstep.

This baby boy was born on Monday.  Here are a few shots from my time with him.  The black and white close up of mom and baby is my favorite.

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