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Friday, March 15, 2013

I'm 32 weeks pregnant.

I've reached the point in my pregnancy when Stephen can't give me a hug without first acknowledging the baby since Penuly reaches him a foot sooner than I do.  Sources say that babies this age are approximately 3.5 pounds and 17 inches long.
Many women might say at 32 weeks that they have 5-8 weeks of pregnancy left.  I am confident that I have 9-10 weeks left.  I used to think that being consistently overdue was unfair and cruel, an unfortunate burden for me to endure.  Now that I've seen real burdens like fertility problems and loss of children, I'm beginning to have a different perspective.  It isn't a burden, and really it has only become unusual in recent years with the overuse of induction.  I'm looking forward to having another well cooked, strong, eight pound, 21 inch baby.  Remind me I said this on May 16th or after (I'm due May 9th).
Plus, I attribute my short deliveries to my body being very ready to deliver.  I will trade an hour of labor for a day of pregnancy anytime.
I shared my concern about the length of my labor with my midwife.  I'm afraid that if things don't go as quickly something might seem wrong.  She assured me that labors can be very different and mine might last two, six, or fourteen hours.  Ummm...fourteen hours.  Stop right there.  That is officially not a possibility! Been there, done that.  One hour suits me just fine.

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  1. Ah this photo of you is so beautiful! You look amazing!