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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Melissa + Joy | AT HOME | Potty Time

I've potty trained three kids thus far, but this girl is different.  She doesn't really need my help.  She is potty training herself.  Right after she turned two she started asking to use the potty and had no problem relaxing enough to actually get the job done.  Stage one accomplished.  I wasn't ready to move forward and take the diapers away because I was busy throwing up thanks to baby number five.  But we've recently bought some princess panties that make her very happy, and when I'm feeling up to it or when she insists, she puts them on with her plastic pants.  She can keep them dry most of the day with a combo of taking herself to the bathroom or me reminding her.  She doesn't need a chart or candy or a timer.  Stage two complete.  Now we just need to move into stage three where we totally give up the diapers and she learns to take ownership of keeping herself dry.  I'm in no particular hurry.    I'm guessing in January I'll make that move (if she let's me wait that long).

Please excuse her shiny face.  She's had a runny nose.  Combine that with dry winter weather and her face required some Vaseline therapy.  Excuse the fading bruises, too.  She has trouble bending down beside the desk or coffee table and has whacked her head and cheek.  Just take in the sweet blue eyes and the super long pigtails!

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1 comment:

  1. Her hair is getting so long! My favorite is the one with her feet up on the seat, touching the commode. Love the color and soft tones too.