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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How many weeks pregnant am I?

And how long ago was my last blog post?

Both valid questions that when asked, I have a hard time answering.

October was the perfect storm. I was suffering from, most likely, my worst case of morning sickness. I also way, way, way over committed myself in the photography department. Two weddings and like thirteen family sessions. I'm still catching up on editing and CD making. My poor scheduling made me really contemplate why I have a photography business and what I want to do with it. Looking forward to making some positive changes for 2013.

That explains my lack of posting.

I could tell you exactly how far along I was in October because I was counting down the days until that awful first trimester yuckiness would go away. Thankfully, it did, and since then I've sort of stopped counting.

Due to the holidays, it's been almost five weeks since my last appointment. When we arrived at the midwife today, we sat down at her kitchen table to have our usual "how are you doing?" and "What questions or concerns do you have?" chat. A couple of weeks ago, I had this very present worry that my uterus wasn't growing fast enough. It was really a worry for lack of any better worry. I always forget that there is this gap between feeling awful because your pregnant and actually looking pregnant. This is especially true when you stomach is a little squishy to begin with.

Well, this is how the midwife answered that worry for me. She took out her doppler after palpitating my stomach and said, "Well, let's see how many heart beats I hear." She was totally serious, and really did move that doppler around to see if she could find a second heart beat. She says I'm measuring just a bit big for 16.5 weeks. This has happened before. I measured big with Julian and my midwife at the time said she was curious to see if there might be two. There wasn't, and it seems there isn't this time either. Only one strong, lovely heartbeat.

Our midwife today was laughing at Stephen's super calm demeanor despite the prospect of twins. He said he had "reflected" on the idea before, and if it came true he would probably need to do a little more "reflecting". Truthfully, to me, the idea of one baby sounds sweet and divine and the idea of two sounds like WORK! But again, the talk was short lived since she only found one heartbeat, and all will be confirmed next Monday when we have an ultrasound.

We have another five weeks before our next appointment, again due to the holiday. I'm going to work on NOT coming up with something to worry about for the sake of worrying.

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