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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Melissa + Joy | AT HOME | Story Time

The point of this series is to motivate us to take pictures of everyday life with kids. Joy has done a better job, in my opinion, of picking up the camera when life was happening instead of scheduling life. Kids, we MUST read a book tonight so I can take pictures! Look your BEST! Clean your room!
Instead, I tried hard to pick up the camera spontaneously when I happen to be headed up to read with my kids. In the previous posts, I've included a shot of every child, every time. I want to break away from feeling that is necessary. So Schroeder will not be seen in this post because I didn't pick up the camera spontaneously when I was headed to read with him.
I do read to my kids, but it doesn't happen like clock work. I'm not always in the mood to read before nap time or bedtime. We go to the library, but not weekly. Reading happens when there is a good book to read or when I have a boost of energy before they head to bed. It happens when I put Maggie in bed for nap and she looks so cute that I need to spend just a few more minutes with her.
That's what is dipicted here. D'arcy got the second Harry Potter book for her birthday and they were eager to have it read to them. I finished one chapter and D'arcy decided to keep going on her own until I turned off her light and told her to GO TO SLEEP.
We were invited to go to the library last week and I picked up a Bunny Bag full of board books for Schroe and Mags. They've loved reading the books, and carrying the bag around and unloading them and reloading them. I love that Maggie is repeating the words in the books. Her vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds each day.
I took D'arcy and Julian's photos late at night. It was completely dark. I decided I wasn't going to use a flash. To be able to have a shutter speed that wasn't horribly slow, I had to turn my ISO up to 5000. Yes, you read that right. The pictures are more than grainy. I didn't change the coloring too much, because that is really what it looked like at that moment. As a photographer, I have to make the decision of how much to leave true to life and how much to edit to make things prettier. I wanted these to be true to life.
I'm in several of these photos. It is difficult to take a self-portrait. It's difficult to set the camera up and focus correctly. It's difficult to look at yourself when I discerning eye isn't helping you with your posture or expression. I'm embracing it. Hoping to take more self-portraits this year.
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