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Friday, August 24, 2012

Kids say the darndest things...

It's almost jacket weather.  ALMOST.  But Schroeder decided he wanted to get his out yesterday.

He comes upstairs with his star wars hooded jacket on and says the following.

"Mom, rip my jacket!  Rip it!"  Huh?  "Do you mean zip your jacket, Schroe?" Nod.

"Mom, will you put up the folder!"  Huh?  "Do you mean you want the hood up?" Nod.

"Thanks, mom.  I didn't want all my hair to blow away."

Schroeder is so well spoken that it is funny when he struggles to find the right word.  On the other hand, Maggie is so new to speaking, it is so wonderful when she says something perfectly.

Maggie MADE MY DAY this morning.  We were still laying in bed.  She was already busy finding treasures in my room.  She located the box with my wedding shoes in them and was walking around the house in them.  She looked up at me and said, "My shoes are in my locker."  She is right.  We each have a locker downstairs where we keep our shoes.  I look at Stephen and I say all sappy like, "SHE USED THE WORD LOCKER IN A COMPLETE SENTENCE!  I'm so proud!"  Watching kids learn language is one of my very favorite parts of parenting.  Four kids in and it has not gotten old.

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