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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I live in Fletcher Place.

Stephen and I moved into a little neighborhood downtown last year. The house is nice enough. It met our needs and some of our wants, but we bought this specific house because it was the best option in Fletcher Place at the time. We did this in Texas, too. We found a neighborhood we wanted to be in, and found the best house we could afford. This new to us house is old. How stupid were we for buying this. Was it going to cave in on us? At least, It has helped to remind me of what God has done for us. Does he sometimes think that we are not worth enjoy and fix up this big mess. That's my great spiritual metaphor.
Fletcher Place is named for a man named Calvin Fletcher. We have some paperwork that shows that the land our house was built on was originally owned by him. It shows how they parceled it off and who they sold our little lot to. This neighborhood has been here since the 1860's, but many who drive into downtown are unaware of it's presence. I have lived in the Indianapolis area most of my life, and hadn't heard of this little corner of downtown until our realtor heard what we were looking for and suggested it.
It fits us perfectly. Our church, Stephen's work, and D'arcy and Julian's school are all within a mile (aka walking or biking distance). Maybe it was shady at one time or another, but today, Fletcher Place is full of professionals and families with kids.
We also have our fair share of weeds, broken fences, and abandoned houses. It's amazing that accross the street from us in one direction their is a huge warehouse that has been converted into $250,000 lofts, and across the street in the other direction there is a little house that sits empty with a sign on the front stating that the neighborhood suspects this house to be inhabited by raccoons. Someone owns that little yellow house and they come every now and again to clean it up a bit. I wish they would sell it because I know that someone would love to own and love on it.
So our neighborhood is this big mess of both beautiful and ugly, well loved and abandoned. If you have the ability to zone in on the beautiful and dismiss the ugly, you will be rewarded. Sometimes the ugly can transform into something beautiful, too. A big, beautiful mess. I featured some of the beautiful, winter scenes in our neighborhood here   This little corner was calling my name as I drove past it the other day. It said photograph me. That is photography, task driven speak for enjoy me. I'm doing both. The ivy crawling up these electric lines and this beautiful building (that is also now condos) that welcomes you into Fletcher Place beyond. That blue sky doesn't hurt. .

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