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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tips for Tuesdays: Six O'Clock Scramble

I have a high value for teaching my children how to eat well. Someday I'll discuss our philosophy on how to get the food from the table to the stomach, but today my tip is all about how to get the food on the table. Have you ever felt exhausted thinking that we have to eat THREE times a day? That means preparation and clean up THREE times a day! What, it's time to eat again!? Now don't get me wrong, the eating part is enjoyable, but the preparation part can feel never ending. There is recipes to collect, a grocery list to assemble, shopping to be done, and, of course, cooking. Cooking can be fun, but when you are doing it at six, or seven, or (in our case very often) eight o'clock, with kids running around after an exhausting day, it can seem daunting. So here's my tip...subscribe to the Six O'Clock Scramble.

Why the Six O'Clock Scramble?

I use this particular company because...
It is owned and operated by a mom not unlike myself who had a really great idea.
The meals are always fast! Very rarely does anything take more than 30 minutes.
The meals are always healthy. I'm using the weight watchers program, and find that most of the meals fit into my allowable daily points. Many times they suggest fruit as a side dish. Plus, there are always plenty of veggies, beans, and lean meats on the menu.
I feel like a real chef at the grocery store and in my kitchen. The recipes call for fun spices, oils, and fresh produce that always make shopping and cooking an adventure. I feel like a earthy, yuppie, food network watching, mommy.
I spend very little at the grocery store. Stephen and I always spend between 50-100 a week on groceries which includes things like soda and beer which hike it up closer to that $100 mark. For fresh, healthy meals, I don't think that is too bad.
There is a lot of variety. For people who like to eat foods from many cultures or expand their pallet, this is a great way to do it. We eat asian, indian, meditteranean, cuban, mexican, italian, and american food at our house thanks to the Scramble!
I don't have to spend a lot of time planning a menu or making a list. This is done for you. Plus the website allows you to create your own menus from their database of recipes. I was in the mood for pork chops this week, searched the database, found an awesome recipe, and added it to my digital shopping list. My whole family gave me big kudos for that meal.
It's only about $50 for a whole year's subscription. So ask for it for your birthday, or use it and save $4 a week at the grocery store to pay for it.

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  1. Melissa, thank you so much for the wonderful review of The Scramble! You made my day, and I am so glad you and your family are enjoying the healthy, flavorful meals and are saving money at the grocery store.