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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Superman to the rescue!

So we named our first son Julian. In fact we gave him loads of names (Edward Julian Theodor Williams). He has lots of nicknames, too; Jude, JuJu, JuJu Bean. Lately, though, he isn't going by any of these. He prefers Superman. Or Bolt. Or Daniel. Or Scamp. Or Spiderman. Or Kung Fu Panda.

We were in JCPenny the other day. I was trying to spend my coupon for $10 off a purchase of $10. I live for these coupons. All three kids were with me. It was 4pm, and, although they had an hour and a half of rest time, Julian hadn't gone to sleep. He was pushing his boundaries, and I was having to frequently say, "Julian, I need to see you." or "Julian, hold on to the stroller." He decided he would play his new favorite game. He would pretend that he was Bolt, and I was Cat, and D'arcy was Penny. So anytime I would say, "Julian, I need to be able to see you.", he would remind me that no longer was he Julian, he was Bolt. Ok, I'm cool, I can play along.
Mommy: "Bolt, Mommy needs to be able to see you."
Julian: "You aren't Mommy, you are Cat!"
Mommy: "Right, Bolt, Cat needs to be able to see you."
Julian...err...Bolt quickly complies.
So here I am, just trying to get my free stuff, and looking crazy yelling "BOLT!" across JCPenny.

There is another family at our church who we spend a lot of time with. Esther and Daniel Applegate have a daughter named Isabel and a son named Aidan. For about two days, I was Esther, Julian was Daniel, D'arcy was Isabel, and Schroeder was Aidan. I asked Julian who Stephen could be, and he quickly decided that Stephen would be Eowyn, their golden retriever. HA!

Since Sunday, Julian is confident that he is Superman and has been asking for a cape so he can "FLY in the SKY!!!" Then he promptly puts his hand in the air, begins to run, and screams "Superman to the rescue!".

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  1. I am pretty sure I still have the cape his Daddy wore at this age :-) Just need a few days to find it.