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Monday, August 10, 2009

Tips for Tuesdays: Peek a boo

Are your kids ever fussy when you are getting them dressed or when they are getting their diaper changed? My tip for the week is to always look for an opportunity to make mundane tasks into a laughable moment. Shirt peek a boo has never failed me. Kid is getting pajamas on for bed and is, as expected, whining about going to bed. I put shirt over head and say, "Wow, where did my kid go? D'arcy have you seen Julian?" Kid stops whining. His eyes pop through the hole. "Oh, well I found his eyes? D'arcy have you seen the rest of Julian's face because it is obviously missing?" Kid begins to giggle.
Ok, whining might quickly resume since he's headed to bed, but in the morning when a kid is whining because he is waking up, a little giggle is all he needs to get the morning started. It's like kid coffee. And hey, a kid's little giggle might get your morning started too.

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  1. Love this. So true - giggles make the day (and night) go better.