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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Vacation 2009.Third Leg.Gatlinburg, TN

We are already back home in Texas, but I wanted to share some more from our vacation. After going to Stephen's family reunion, we headed up to Gatlinburg with just his immediate family (Emmett, Dianne, Alex, Meagan, & Josh). Stephen's parents own several weeks of Condo time with Wyndham Resorts. Every year, as long as Stephen and I can get to the vacation destination, the actual stay is taken care of by his parents' wyndham points. Since I've been in the family, we've used these points to vacation in North Carolina, Minnesota, Tennessee, Indiana, Arkansas, England, Rhode Island, Texas, & South Carolina. This year we got two condos. The grandparents and grandkids stayed in one, and the rest of us in another. I always feel guilty for sleeping in till 10 every morning while the kids are next door with Grammy wide awake. The sleeping arrangements were her idea though so thanks Grammy & Poppy!
The weather was really gorgeous all week long. We spent our time hiking, eating, drinking, talking, swimming, and celebrating. Poppy turned 60 during our time there so we couldn't let him off the hook without a party! I also got a break from cooking as Dianne said nursing moms weren't allowed in the kitchen. Instead, Stephen and Josh made us some delicious fajitas, and Alex and Meagan made us some yummy pizzas. Then there were those all important southern traditions like fresh tomatoes, pimento cheese, and some fried pound cake for breakfast which was a little weird. Kudos to Meagan for all the wonderful baking she did (You'll get to see one of her creations below).
Another wonderful vacation. Looking forward to the Oregon coast next year!

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  1. Hey those wonderful hours when the GRANDS are awake and the parents are asleep are some of my favorite times. Was fun this year having Uncle Alex come over for coffee and "monkey ears" before the rest of you were up.Grammy