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Saturday, July 18, 2009


What I'm about to share makes me laugh, but might make many of you worried about what I'm exposing my children to. Around this time last year, my media twin friend, Laura, suggested that I read "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer as a fun vacation read. I looked at the library and couldn't find it so Stephen picked it up for me at the airport on the way to Rhode Island. Then we made a stop at Barnes & Noble to pick up the sequel three days later. Then, when we arrived in Indiana for the second stop of our vacation, I bought the third book in the series. By the time we got home, I had finished all three 500-1000 page books. It was like crack, I was addicted and couldn't wait until the fourth and final book in the series came out in August 2008.
At the time that Laura suggested the book, I had no idea that Twilight was such a phenomenon. Since then, the movie came out. Stephen, being the nice husband he is, went to the movie with me. He then proceeded to purchase the movie soundtrack and a shirt that says "My husband sparkles" for me for Christmas. He even went to the trouble of wrapping the gift in black paper with a red bow. In March, I bought the DVD for me and my sister (who I dragged into the addiction with me).
I always tell Stephen that he buys me this stuff just so he can make fun of me. According to him, the vampire lore is totally off the mark. He thinks it's all a bit ridiculous.
So what do "Those Williams Kids" have to do with all this Twilight talk? Remember that CD Stephen bought me? Well, they ask to listen to it every day! Julian particularly likes the Linkin Park song "Leave out all the rest". This is extremely funny to me as Linkin Park has got to be the band that annoys Stephen the most.
Anytime they see a poster for the DVD at HEB or WalMart, they say, "Mommy, look, there's TWILIGHT!" D'arcy woke up one day while I was watching the movie, and now asks to watch it. Yes, it's PG 13, and, yes, I've let her watch it. She steps away at the end when James tries to kill Bella because she says it's too scary. She just leaves the room for a couple of minutes and comes back when the scary part is done. The violence is really the only part that is inappropriate for her age. The romance, I don't think, is much different than watching a Princess movie as it is pretty innocent. That's my defense, and I'm sticking with it.
Stephen bought me these candies that had Edward(the main character) on the box and of course the kids want candy so I made them say "I love Edward" before they could get a piece. This all to drive Stephen crazy. But he must like it because he keeps buying me this stuff.
The funniest moment came when, on one Sunday morning in Children's Ministry, the kids were learning about the books of the Old Testament. One kid mentioned Twilight because it is a book (not from the old testament, though :P), and Julian exclaimed, "I love Twilight!" We all do Julian...well...all of us but that silly daddy.


  1. No judgement-passing is going on over here! :) I've heard the books are good, and I love a good series. I may have to read them sometime soon! :)

  2. Guess if D'arcy can handle Twillight I should try the movie too. I will borrow it soon. Grammy