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Friday, August 10, 2007

What a sucker!

It must have happened shortly after Christmas. Ju Ju found his thumb, and he liked it.

Let me give the pros:
-He can comfort himself easily which is a great characteristic of a second child.
-He looks darn cute doing it, especially when he hooks his finger over his nose.

Here are the cons:
-Our pride is hurt a little. We prided ourselves on not giving him a pacifier. He realized he had his very own permanently attached to his hand.
-Since it is permanently attached to his hand, we can't exactly take it away from him. We've heard stories of kids sucking their thumb into their teens and creating for themselves a nice row of British teeth.

He inherited a great desire to converse, though, and he's realizing that he can't talk with his mouth plugged so the thumb is now becoming a great nap indicator.

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