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Friday, August 10, 2007

I'm just chunky monkey D'arcy.

Alright, roll your eyes. We created complicated names for our children, Jacquelyn D'arcy Edith Williams and Edward Julian Theodor Williams, respectively. Our hope, though, is that our children will love their names because Stephen and I put a lot of thought and creativity into them.

That's why D'arcy's favorite saying brings me such joy. When we say, "Hello, my sweet baby."

She'll firmly respond, "I'm not a sweet baby, I'm just D'arcy." or "I'm just Jacquelyn D'arcy." or if we are really lucky she'll say, "I'm just chunky monkey D'arcy."

She extends this emphatic response to negate adjectives as well as nouns. "You're silly."

"No, I'm not silly. I'm just Jacquelyn D'arcy Edif Williams."

Yes you are, and we love our chunky monkey very much!

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