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Friday, August 10, 2007

Chicken Pox

Baby Julian came down with Chicken Pox a couple of weeks ago. At first we thought a bug had attacked him in his crib, but when they started to spread over his head, neck, and body we figured out that this was a different type of "bug". Trying to be good insurance users, we called the on call nurse who talked us out of the idea of Chicken Pox. She suggested heat rash. But tell me what heat rash looks like this?

But who could he have gotten this from? Every kid we know has been innoculated for Chicken Pox. Then it hit me, Poppy (Stephen's dad) found out he had shingles just a few days after we left Indiana. That was two weeks before Ju Ju broke out. Aha! Don't feel bad Poppy.
Julian's been a trooper, though. Poor guy doesn't really have the ability to scratch yet so it looks like he won't have beautiful chicken pox scars like his mama.
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