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Monday, February 24, 2014

Beth and Daniel are married.

Beth and Daniel are sweet friends from church.  I was really privileged to be asked to photograph their wedding.  Beth follows my blog.  She is my most common commenter.  Her comments really encourage me.  Plus, she gets my heart for photography, my candid, show the moment vision.  She gave me permission to do what I do.  Sometimes I need permission because I get caught up with what other people are doing and how maybe my brides are expecting me to deliver what other photographers would.  
My friend Brooke asked me if I knew who Tara Whitney was.  Yes.  I do.  She said my stuff reminded her of Tara Whitney's photography.  I've never been paid a higher compliment.  That gave me even more courage to trust my vision.  
Oh, and I loved this wedding.  Weddings are always beautiful when a couple infuses themselves into the decorations, the food, the ceremony, the outfits.  It doesn't matter what their budget is.    It matters that the celebration reflects them.  Beth and Daniel were all over this wedding and it made me so happy.  
Did I mention that my daughter was their "Leaf" girl.  D'arcy brought this dress home from our neighbor's garage sale this spring.  I think she got it for free.  She loves formal attire.  I rolled my eyes that day last spring but sure was thankful that she had something perfect for this wedding.  Anyway, she was so thrilled to be asked and to be included in Beth's special day.  

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  1. Melissa,
    I am so so glad you have these pictures posted on your blog. Since the wedding, about twice a week at work I will pull up these pictures and keep them up all day so I can look at my wonderful husband's face. I love him so so so so so much, and I can't get enough of looking at him. My heart still gets butterflies. Thank you for capturing his wonderfulness so well!