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Monday, February 24, 2014

2014 is here.

I always jot down some ideas for a New Year.  Here are some things I have in mind for 2014.

Hoverboards.  Make them a reality for 2015.  Prepare for Marty McFly.

Be active.  Move more.  Walk.  Dance.  I don't want to call it exercise and I don't want to go to the gym five times a week, but sometimes I might be active at a gym and you might classify it as exercise.  It's not so much about getting my body to look a certain way.  It's more about me just learning to enjoy moving my body.  Stephen bought me a fitbit for Christmas and it's been fun to micro-analyze my steps and minutes active and sleep pattern.  Stephen calls it the gamification of life.  

Essential Oils.  I bought some essential oils at the end of 2013.  The idea is to use these oils instead of over the counter medication.  I hope to try them all out this year and figure out what works for what.

Godly Play (Worship Woodworks).  After years of adoring these toys, I'm finally investing some money in them.  We bought some as Christmas presents, and I just bought some more for Easter.  We are going to incorporate them for our kids at church, too.  Thankful to Elaine Enloe for introducing me to them years ago.    

Rhythm.  I'm trying to stop living life in project mode.  I'm trying to relish the daily rhythm of my life.  Kids.  Laundry.  Preparing Meals.  Being active.  More kids.  Reading.  Journaling.  Friends.   
Vision Casting.  Stephen and I had thoughts and ideas about our life that we wrote down when we married almost eleven years ago.  We need some new thoughts and ideas for the next eleven.  

Garden.  I plan to plant that little garden in the backyard this year.  It's going to happen.

Photography Goals

Houses.  I started photographing homes in my neighborhood under the hashtag #southeastindyhouses with my iphone.  Excited to keep doing this throughout the year.  Find me on instagram at Melissa612.

Stephen.  Take pics of Stephen on his bike and new car.  Stephen on his bike was a goal for last year.  It didn't happen.  Now he has a cool new car that needs some attention.

Birth Photography.  I'm hopeful I'll get to photograph one or two births this year.

Video.  I basically have no video of my kids.  I've just focused on photos.  I'd like to start interviewing them on video this year.

I'm super thankful to have had the opportunity to show some of my work at Fletcher Place Arts and Books on the first Friday in February.  I felt like showing my work publicly helped crack something open for me.  Thanks to all who came out.

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