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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Maggie is 3 years and 24 days old.

Maggie Lu turned three last month.  She's spunky.

She'll raise her hands up to her chest and her cheeks and say, "Oh, I love it.  I just love it, mom."  This can be a response to a new outfit or new shoes or even to food.  She'll also say, "Oh, I just love her (you).  I love her (you) so, so much."  She'll get this gushy face and squeeze me or Penelope (still Elope) very tight.

She is potty trained.  She has been for awhile, but when she gets upset, she tends to have accidents.  I'm learning to instruct her to use the bathroom before I attempt to have her pick something up or do something I know she won't be thrilled to do.  That way, when her fit starts, she won't inevitably begin to pee which makes her more emotional and me more frustrated.

She's occasionally inclined to let me know that "You are not the boss of me." and "Stop talking to me."  This is all normal three year old behavior.  I try to understand that she wants independence.  I try to be gentle in reinforcing that I am, in fact, the boss of her.

She also likes to say, "Stop it.  You are annoying me."  This annoys me.

When we get in the car she demands that I play a song.  She does not want to listen to conversations or interviews.  She much prefers girl songs which means they are sung by girls.

She likes to sing her own songs.  She turns her thoughts and feelings into a song.  I've said before that living with Maggie is like living in a musical.

She spends her play time journaling, dressing up, or packing items in bags to carry around.  Many times the items she packs are not hers.  She and D'arcy just moved into a room together, and she is loving D'arcy's stuff...her purses and chapsticks and jewelry.

Many days, she'll come in my bathroom when I'm getting ready, and she wants me to put blush on her so she can be "pretty".  Then she'll spend a good while looking at herself in our full length mirror.

I would describe her as a "girly, girl" in that she loves clothes and shoes and makeup, but this girl has big brothers.  She knows all the characters in the Justice League.  She likes to watch the episodes with Wonder Woman which inspired her birthday gift.

Oh, and she likes to tattoo herself by drawing with washable marker on her hands and legs.  I plan to tell her what the older kids have already heard.  I worked hard to make that skin.  Don't ruin it.  (I'm not anti tattoo, but I'm anti bad tattoos.)

I get asked quite often if she and Schroeder are twins.  They aren't, but they are good friends.  They play together and scheme together.

She has not been upset in the least to have a baby in the house.  She considers herself to be a big girl and doesn't feel displaced.  Not long after Penelope was born she let me know I should have a boy soon for Schroeder and Julian.  That isn't in the plans.

I love her and we'll get through this three year old thing together.

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