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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Adrian and Evelyn share the same birthday.

Leslie and Ray are friends from high school.  This has been a big year for them.  Ray brews beer and opened Indiana City Beer officially in May.  Lily, their first child, is about the same age as Maggie.  Leslie and I had talked about the fact that we might be pregnant at the same time again.  Her with her second and me with my fifth.  I saw her last October after their kickstarter campaign.  We told her I was pregnant and she said, "That's right!  We need to get on that."
We met for breakfast one winter morning.  She was pregnant and we talked about midwives.  She had just had her first appointment and the midwife thought she was measuring big.  I just assumed she was growing faster since it was her second baby, but an ultrasound found something different.  Leslie was having twins.  I found out it runs in her family.  Her grandma had twins and her aunt had them, too.
So they spent the first half of 2013 looking for a bigger car, a bigger house, opening a brewery, raising Lily, and growing twins.  Little Evelyn Rose and Adrian José were born in July at 34 weeks, but both were strong and healthy and were able to come home after a few weeks.
Here they are in all their sweet, small beauty.

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