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Saturday, June 22, 2013

I will not be a guilt ridden vacationer.

You have to get into a new head space on vacation. If I drive all the way to the beach, I feel like I should be on the beach every day. But vacation is for relaxing, right? So by the time you sleep in till nine, wake up and have a leisurely breakfast and shower, it's already eleven and the sun is getting high and hot and you wonder if the beach really sounds like fun (especially with five kids). Then you feel guilty for not taking full advantage of your vacation. Guilt isn't a relaxing emotion, though.
Last year, I was determined to be a good vacationer. The first day in South Carolina, I got the kids up and ready determined to spend two full hours at the beach before lunch and necessary nap time. The Atlantic was rough that morning and had a strong undertow, something I didn't fully recognize until one of our sand toys got swept quickly in and was lost to oblivion. I've had several nightmares this year about that water only it wasn't the toy that got swept away but our four year old son instead. I decided being a good vacationer shouldn't include throwing out basic parenting sense.
This year, we have a three week old with us. I'm not sure what the "rules" are with getting an infant in the pool. Guessing by the number of teeny swimsuits Target was selling (zero) it appears to be socially unacceptable to take a newborn swimming. I bought her a long sleeved swim top and a big sun hat (both one or two sizes too big) and we'll see what kind of looks I get when I bring her poolside.

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  1. Anna took her first swim at 6 weeks. She really enjoyed it and found it calming. Enjoy the moments as they come for you, not the rest of society.