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Friday, June 21, 2013

Destin is our destin-ation.

We have five kids in our van, and we are headed to the beach. We have a DVD player in our van that can only be used when we take long trips. If you can't get through a whole movie it's not considered a long trip which means it's a twice a year privilege.
D'arcy created a plan that the other kids somehow agreed to. The oldest kid gets to choose the movie first then the next oldest and so on. It has run fairly smoothly today except when Schroeder has gotten to choose. His older siblings are trying to dupe him. He picked Toy Story 2 the first go around and D'arcy and Julian voted and vetoed his choice. Yeah, you made the system D'arcy and no one has veto power.
The second time around, Schroeder picked Toy Story 2 again. D'arcy "accidentally" dropped the DVD on the ground and couldn't find it because it's dark outside. We tell her to turn on the light. She says she thought that wasn't allowed. Her daddy HATES when they turn on their lights because they've been known to leave them on and drain our battery. That girl is so clever. We tell her to turn it on anyway for the second it will take to locate the DVD.
Then his siblings take issue with the fact that they already watched it. Again, they don't have veto power. This is why it's smart to make the kids make the plan. No one watches anything until you make a plan you can all agree on. Then, we can throw our hands up and remind them who made the rules. D'arcy says that maybe they should watch Toy Story 1 or 3. Not a bad suggestion. Schroeder tells her they are at home. D'arcy says, "We'll, it's too late to go back." Since we are in Montgomery, Alabama, I would say that's sort of an understatement.
Julian whines that this will be SO BORING. I tell him to give me his headphones. I'm just trying to ease his boredom. He shakes his head and stops his whining.
I'm so glad we bought two extra sets of headphones from Amazon. We are free to listen to whatever we want. I sat through multiple hours of jam bands on Radio Paradise. Now, Stephen is being forced to listen to my mix of Al Green, Fresh Air, and Taylor Swift.

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