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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Melissas + Joy | FAVORITE THINGS | Grapefruit

We have quite a few of our groceries delivery weekly from Green Bean Delivery. Every Thursday, they bring local, organic, or in season fruits and vegetables to our door. I also have them deliver milk, eggs, bread, and meat. I'm pregnant. It's winter. Grapefruit is in season. Green Bean Delivery brought me some and it sounded really good. I ate it, and discovered two days later that I wanted more. I eat one every couple of days. Yum.
Grapefruit is a polarizing topic. It seems people really like it or really hate it. I had my first one in 2001 when I went to France for the summer. They laid out the sugar in case we wanted to put it on top. That is disgusting. It's like drinking Red Bull...way too sugary and plain nasty. Grapefruit doesn't need anything besides a spoon. This little one that had absolutely no function prior to my grapefruit habit has come in handy. Maybe a special serrated one is in my future.
I decided that I would create a animated gif file because not only do I love the taste of grapefruit, but I love watching my grapefruit get eaten section by section. Beautiful taste, beautiful process.  The last picture is reminder that you should never forget to squeeze and drink all the yummy juice out from the bottom.
I've also included another of my favorite things in the photos, my new countertops. Some might think they aren't super special...just laminate. We've been living with these impossible to keep clean ceramic tile countertops that were also the same color as the floor, the cabinets, the backsplash, and the paint color. Dirty and blah. We did splurge and get the integrated sink. I have died and gone to homemaker heaven. No more grunge to build up where the sink and countertop meet.

Check out Joy's photos here, and our new collaborator Melissa here.

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