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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Melissa + Joy | AT HOME | Vacation Time

UMMMM...I didn't even take that many photos on vacation, but I took way to many to display in this post.  SOOOOO....I've spent the last hour trying to figure out how to tell a story in 15 pictures or less. We had a lovely vacation.  Check it.
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Friday.   Spent holding hands with Maggie so she wouldn't cry in the car.

Saturday.  Spent enjoying a cabin in the woods of North Carolina.  Maggie did NOT want to hold hands with Schroe.

Sunday.  Spent breakfasting with GG before spending another x hours in the car.

Monday.  Spent collecting shells and loosing toys to the fearsome waves of the Atlantic.  

Tuesday.  Spent riding bikes to the beach to collect more shells and have our hair blown.  It was a blustery day.

Wednesday.  Spent wading and climbing trees when collecting shells became illegal.

Thursday.  Spent getting burned by the sun and exfoliated by the sand.

 Friday.  Spent taking in one last sunset.

 Saturday.  Spent with great friends who live in a one bedroom apartment.  We forgot to bring our pack n' play so we made a pallet and a faux wall.

Sunday.  Spent watching Brave and hiding from the heat.

Monday.  Spent driving home and looking awesome.

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