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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Julie & Derick are having a baby!

Julie is in her third trimester of pregnancy. By that point, I was well past the point where people started asking me if I was going to have twins (aka...I was huge!). Julie, on the other hand, looks awesome. She is growing a healthy baby boy who will hopefully make his entrance into the world in October.
It rained the evening we had our shoot, but we just waited it out. I appreciated the overcast skies because they gave me a chance to take some shots down by the canal where you can actually see the skyline in the distance. When it is sunny out, it's difficult (practically impossible) to get both the subject and the skyline in the photo with correct exposure.

Love this one!

and this one too!


  1. It was such a treat to work with Melissa - even with the weather not being very cooperative! She is a great photographer and we will cherish these sweet photos in the next couple of months (before he arrives) and in the years to come! - D+J+baby b

  2. These are beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing. Nikki