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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Nine years later

I graduated from Lee University in May 2002. Stephen came down for the graduation accompanied by an entourage of family (both his and mine). I hadn't seen him in probably four months as he was busy attending college in Indiana and I was in Tennessee. It felt weird to have him close again, uncomfortable almost. He seemed really foreign to me. I remember thinking that his hair was so long. This is funny in retrospect. I certainly wasn't acting very warm towards him.
Immediately following graduation, as we were taking photos, Stephen walked up to me, asked me to read a little journal we had passed back and forth, and then got down on one knee to propose. That was nine years ago, and I hadn't been back to Cleveland, TN or Lee University since.
We took a little detour on our way to the Georgia wedding and stopped at the campus. I wanted to see what all had been built, and I had it in my mind that we should take a family picture at the spot we got engaged just as a visible reminder of what all has happened in the last nine years.
Getting a family photo sans tripod isn't easy. I do have a little remote control that helps.
Kids,Go stand over there by the post while mommy sets up the camera.
I'm taking to long and the kids are wandering and climbing. But is it working?
Stephen, try the remote.
Yeah, thanks dude.
Almost there.
Damn, we aren't in focus.
Ok, hurry!

The collage I had hoped for.