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Monday, May 2, 2011

A little trip to Georgia.

Stephen has one cousin (in comparison, I have about 30 first cousins). Stephen's cousin got married this a wonderful lady named Bessa. After so much rain in Indiana, it was wonderful to spend some time in a warm, dry place. Oh, and it was sort of beautiful, too. The wedding was held at a winery so their was plenty of beauty and wine. You can't have wine without a cool band and some dancing. The kids loved it all (minus the wine). They particularly loved spending time with their uncles, aunts, grammy, poppy, and GG (thanks for all the help Alex, Meagan, Josh, Katie, Dianne, Emmett, & GG). Julian never once took those sunglasses off, and D'arcy kept telling me she couldn't wait for June 25th. That's when she'll get her chance to be the flower girl. Schroeder, I was told, spent the entire ceremony eating fruit snacks and saying Amen over and over.

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  1. What beautiful pictures! sounds like you guys had a great time!