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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Getting there.

I hate getting somewhere early. On time is great, but early feels like I've wasted valuable time. I typically plan to get somewhere on time, but rarely leave any time for unexpected circumstances. With four kids there are always unexpected circumstances. A scene from a recent morning went a bit like this.
I was in my bathroom getting ready. The kids were mostly put together. Schroeder comes in to announce that he is pooping. We had just changed his diaper (sigh). He recently turned two and I plan to potty train him this summer. I thought, hey, I should take this moment to introduce the subject. I stopped what I was doing, took his pants and diaper off, and sat him on the toilet. After sitting there a few moments, he peed so we all had to do the excited potty dance for him. He sat a few more minutes and said he was done. I told him to go into his room and get me a clean diaper. He went.
Around this time, D'arcy comes in looking for jewelry. I ask her about her loose tooth. The adult tooth had already grown in behind the loose one and food was getting trapped in between the two. I encourage her to twist it more often and decide that I'm going to help her. I tell her I'm going to press it firmly forward for ten seconds and then I'll stop. By eight it was bleeding and ready to come out. She takes it from there and yanks it out.
By this point, Schroeder is back in the bathroom with a new diaper. Julian announces that Schroeder has pooped on his bedroom floor. He must of stepped in it too... Thank God for wood floors.
I realize that I created some of this havoc for myself.
Yesterday, I did not create the havoc, though. I went to wake Schroeder and Maggie up so we could head to Greenwood to pick D'arcy up. Apparently, Schroeder learned to lock the door. We just moved in, and I don't know if we have little keys for the doors so I went around looking for something to open the lock. It took five plus minutes, but I got them out. We got to Greenwood just in time to pick D'arcy up. Good thing we weren't early because I sure do hate wasting time.

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