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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I thought we had made this decision, but we are moving downtown. The options have changed. So now we are wading through the school swamp.

Diversity. Rigor of Academics. Curriculum. Teachers. Distance. Money. Sacrifice. Parent Involvement. Safety. Faith.

These are all considerations. The question is which are most important? For D'arcy? For Julian? For Schroeder and Maggie Lu? For the fifth child we plan to have? For Stephen and I?

If I were to prioritize these values, my list would probably look different than a lot of my friends. Friends who are fantastic parents. That makes me pause and wonder what that makes me. This decision cannot be made on insecurity, though.

In broad strokes, what I want for my kids is simple. I want them to be adults that can embrace faith, love and be loved, and positively contribute to their community. I'm betting this can be achieved regardless of the school I choose for them.

Still, We are going to keep filling out application forms for public magnet schools, for some private schools, for some public charter schools (one even that is a hybrid school), and for some local public schools. Stephen and I will pray for wisdom on what choice to make. We'll hopefully find ourselves on the other side of this swamp sometime in April. Then we'll prepare to resist the urge to defend ourselves when someone raises their eyebrow to our choices.

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