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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Let's Go....Ice Skating

Stephen and I took D'arcy the Brave to the Ice Skating rink in November. We don't ice skate regularly, but we had a great time. We did lots of laughing, smiling, and hand holding. We were enjoying each other as we watched our little girl try something new.
So many smiles in family photographs are fake. manufactured. unauthentic. Sure, we love our families, but, many times, we don't LIKE them on picture day. Parents are fussing about the kids hair and clothes. They end up yelling at each other. It's stressful.
I want to capture authentic smiles. real moments. So I'm challenging my clients to do Let's Go! sessions. Let's go and do something, skating, mini-golf, picnicing, bowling, walking the dog, eating ice cream, playing football. Get creative.
I enlisted Elaine & Patrick to go ice skating to give you guys a glimpse of what a Let's Go! session might look like. Elaine was hoping Patrick would propose the whole session. Well, they are already married, but she just thought it would make every one else's day to see someone get engaged on ice.

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