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Sunday, September 5, 2010

D'arcy is 6!

D'arcy's birthday has been a month long event this year. It began with a joint family party with her cousin, Gabriel, on August 9th. Then we had a dinner party with Stephen's family and my parents on her actual birthday, August 25th. She was then treated to a spa evening and ear piercing on September 1st. Tomorrow, to finish off her birthday month, she'll have a special birthday message on the Pizza Spot sign down in Whiteland.
I was concerned that her birthday might get overlooked in light of Maggie's entrance into the world. Maggie was due on the 14th, was expected on the 21st, but decided not to come until the 28th. D'arcy thought it might be nice to share her birthday with her little sis, but instead they'll have to settle with having birthdays three days apart. My concerns, though, ended up being silly since she's had more birthday than most little girls no what to do with!
At 6, D'arcy is a sweet, serious, very driven little girl with loads of personal goals. Some of her main accomplishments this past year were learning to ride a bike without training wheels and to read. She has a desire to learn to cook, speak Spanish, play the piano, and do a cartwheel. She told me she wanted me to select two recipes a day so that she could practice her cooking skills. That plan won't work for me so I'm just letting her help me as needed, but she has graduated to helping me cook on the stove which she's thrilled about.
She's independent and loves the opportunity to try things on her own. She paints her own nails, and is trying to convince me to let her cut her own hair. The job she secretly did on her bangs isn't helping matters, though. Despite her independence, she thrives on spending time with people. Quality time is important to her and she will constantly ask for us to make special plans together. She has little to no need for personal space. If you are sitting by her, she's quick to snuggle up to you. She doesn't particularly care to sleep or shower on her own. She always wants some company.
She loves her accessories. She dresses herself every morning and never fails to add a jacket, socks, scarf, necklace, watch, or several hair bows to her outfit. I've actually had to limit the hair items to three per day. She's recently added earrings to her list of accessories. She has her own shelf on my hanging jewelry organizer full of new earrings she received for her birthday. She's counting down the days when she'll be able to change her studs out for something dangly.
D'arcy is a great big sister. She is a huge help to me. She'll make her brothers breakfast, help them brush their teeth, and help them buckle their seatbelts. With Maggie, she is already changing diapers and dressing her. The first thing out of her mouth in the morning is "Can I hold Maggie before I leave?" Julian, Schroeder, and Maggie Lu are all very lucky to have such a caring older sister and they know it, most of the time.
She is still keeping us on our toes with her many requests and quick reasoning, but we we've decided to keep our little lawyer.

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