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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

D'arcy the Brave

When D'arcy was born, Stephen and I discussed when she would be allowed to get her ears pierced. Neither of us were real intent on her getting them done as an infant, but we didn't have any inclination to make it a right of passage into womanhood in her teenage years. We just agreed that whenever she asked for them, we would let her have them. At some point this last year, she decided that she was ready to brave some pain for the beauty of earrings. Perfect timing, I thought, since I had my ears pierced on my sixth birthday. So for the last six months or so, she has been waiting patiently for her birthday to come and this day to arrive.
Her Grammy works at a salon and spa which also offers ear piercing. She hooked D'arcy up with not only new earrings, but a hair styling and manicure. This morning as D'arcy was walking out the door she thanked me for "the gift". "What gift?", I asked. Then she tapped her ears. She was cool as a cucumber about the pain. This is the same girl who had to be literally held down to the table when she got her shots before kindergarten. I thought maybe she would at least start to cry when they pulled out the guns. Nope. Her eyes may have gotten a little big, but for the most part she was calm and excited.
I actually brought my camera for this occasion, and can't express to you how much these pictures mean to me. They show her looking very old and brave but then the tender little girl shows up a few seconds after the earrings are in...a little chin wobble, a few crocodile tears, and then a tentative smile emerges.

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