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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Oxi Clean

A diaper blow up called for Daddy to take some drastic clean up measures.

I'd like to mention that these cheeks are a mother's worst nightmare. I mean sure they are cute as can be, but they are deceptive. He always looks like he has something in his mouth. Several times a day, I have to stoop down and check. Usually, I find nothing, but occasionally, I will apprehend a piece of dog food.
This would be the appropriate time to document that his favorite passtime is playing in the dog's bowls. Inevitably, he will head that direction if left for too long to crawl around on the floor. I can hear the clink clink of the bowls moving on the floor. He is very angry when I pull him away and remove the dog food from his grip.
Another favorite passtime is skating. This is the Julian version. He places an item in each hand and slides on them. Why move your arms, when you can just crawl with your legs and skate around the house? Some of his favorite items to skate on are our remote controls. After those were taken away, he located D'Arcy's baby bottles. Sure, he first tried to drink the juice, but when that didn't work, he found out they were great skates.
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