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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Our little back seat driver....

We taught D'arcy what each color on the traffic light means. Although this is a good lesson in colors and general awareness, we have now created a back seat driver. She yells, "Go Daddy, it's green!" or "STOP! STOP! STOP!" Unfortunately, the "GO" comes many times when we are still waiting for the car in front of us to move, and the "STOP" comes way before we reach the light.

One night, D'Arcy and I saw the moon out the car window. When we came home, she told Daddy what we had seen. He asked if it was full, and she quickly replies, "The moon doesn't eat." Daddy explained that when the moon is full, you can see a man on it. So now she asks every evening if the man is there yet.

Stephen and I were having a heated discussion, and D'arcy turns to say, "Mommy, is Daddy fustrated at you." I reply, "Yes, yes, he probably is."

I was really proud of her this week because she put a 24 piece puzzle together all on her own. We've done this puzzle together on many occasions, and I always tell her to start with the lips of Cinderella. It was really cool to see how my simple instruction allowed her to complete it on her own. When she accomplishes something, she now has learned to ask, "Won't Daddy be so proud of me?"

On kind of a gross, silly note, she is obsessed with our little family unit. Every time she draws, she makes a Daddy, Mommy, a girl, and a baby. Julian hasn't reached boy status yet. She has even discovered the family unit when she uses the bathroom. "Look mom, it's a Daddy poop, a Mommy poop, and a baby poop."

Last but not least, I want to mention that she has now intentionally started to call me "mama" instead of mommy or mom. She will even correct herself if she uses another term. I think it was because we tell Julian to say "mama". It's pretty sweet.

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