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Friday, August 11, 2017

Penelope is four.

Sometimes Penelope will ask me, "How old was I when I was a baby?"

She's not a baby anymore.  She's four.

She's way passed naps unless they are in the car

.  She washes her own hair.  She ditched her crib for bunk beds.  She successfully executed the role of flower girl.  Her hair has grown really long, and she's headed to preschool this fall.

She told me I could cancel preschool, though.  She is super skeptical of all new people, but I really think she'll enjoy it.

She has some favorite things.  Yogrit.  Her favorite food pronounced just so.

I sat down to write this, and Penelope came up to my desk and said, "Granola helps you with running.  And that's good because I'm trying to run as fast as a Cheetah.  That's why I like Cheetahs."

Yogrit and granola go well together.

She likes her bicycle dress and gold skirt.  She ALWAYS wears her red boots.  They turn a lot of heads and get lots of awes.  She decided Julian was her "best brother".  Schroeder seems unphased, but she plays minecraft with both of them.  She likes Coldplay and Moana and Hamilton.  She likes pink. She likes YouTube.

She watches these Baby Alive videos on YouTube.  She discovered she could turn water into juice by drawing with marker on a piece of paper and then putting the paper in the water.  Instant "orange", "mango", or "lime" juice!  Then the baby pees it out immediately.  She spent hours and hours doing this with her doll.

She has been asking for months for a Snackin' Baby Alive.  You can feed it playdoh snacks.  Then, a month before her birthday, she decided she would rather have LEGOs.  So that's what she got, and she spent her whole birthday building them.  She's my first girl who has really enjoyed LEGOs.

We had a little playdate party the morning of her birthday.  Some of her favorite friends came.  She received a beanie boo, which I've recently discovered our this generation's version of beanie babies.

When we went on vacation this summer, she asked me daily, "Mom, do you miss Georgie?  Because I miss Georgie."  Even if all her siblings are at school, she still has that dog.

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