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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

These are ten (or so) pictures I'm particularly proud of from 2012.

I'm trying to decide whether I should go through and tell you why I love each one of these, but that sounds overwhelming.  Even though I've gone with my first gut reactions, it has taken me almost an hour to compilate this pile of ten (or so) (business) pictures from 2012.  I have a tree to de-decorate while my husband has the older three kids at a dollar movie.  I do appreciate that I have been so focused on working on this for an hour that I have yet to go grab a piece of chocolate from that wonderful Russell Stovers box.  
I'm striving to make my photos softer, more emotional, and more spontaneous.  I'm thankful for so many who have embraced the idea of going with the flow.  I want to take the pictures begging to be taken instead of forcing a checklist.  I want to book fewer sessions, and, yet, be challenged with a variety of subjects...weddings, families, babies, pregnancy, births, seniors, bands, fun parties, etc, etc.  I want to burn fewer CDs and I want to continue to have a prop budget of $0 (USD).  This is (REALLY) less of a business and more of a hobby for me.  I don't want to chug in and chug out.  I want to have fun every time I pick up my camera in 2013.  

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