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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Melissa + Joy | FAVORITE THINGS | Snow

Joy and I are starting a new series this year entitled Favorite Things. Looking forward to the flexibility that this will bring. Each month one of us will select something that we are loving and then the other will find something complimentary that they are enjoying. Joy suggested sunshine for this month, and I took pictures of what I'm enjoying outside this month, SNOW!
I learned when we lived in Texas that a real winter was important for me. Texas does not have real winters as you will be able to see from Joy's photos. It needs to get cold enough for ice and snow. It needs to get cold enough for gloves and hats and wool coats and scarves. It needs to stay relatively cold from December 15th to March 15th. This is required for me to fully appreciate the beauty of spring. But winter has beauty in and of itself...the look of perfectly white snow, the sound of melting, a trudge around the neighborhood, and a mandate to stay home and hibernate a bit.
When it's still cold on March 20th which is seemingly inevitable, I do miss Texas. I always thought March was such a dreary month, but Texas taught me that March can be the most beautiful month of the year. Schroeder was born on a beautiful Texas March morn.
Next month, we'll be welcoming another mutual friend, Melissa Nieves to our posts. She just started taking pictures, and I'm excited to see her use her talent to capture her favorite things. Take a look at Joy's pictures of sunshine here.

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