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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kids say the darndest things...

We've always said that D'arcy is our little lawyer, and from a young age, we've been convinced that Julian WAS NOT intended for that profession.

Me: Julian, we talked about flushing items, besides excrement, down the toilet. (Yes, he previously flushed a pearl necklace of D'arcy's down the toilet. And, yet, he can't seem to flush after he pees.) Why did you flush D'arcy's money down the toilet?

I was expecting him to either shrug or come up with some excuse for why flushing it down the toilet was the proper thing to do. That's what D'arcy would do.

Julian: Because I was mad that D'arcy can buy more things than me.

This type of directness from him ALWAYS catches me off guard and it makes me laugh.

Me: Well, Exactly. I'm glad you are so in tune with your motivations.

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  1. I noticed him lagging behind and brooding a bit on garage sale day.. but I also felt for him