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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Yoder Family

I'm getting bogged down in the details. Black and White or Color? Soft color or bright pop? I could fiddle forever. Instead, I'll put these shots up here for you to enjoy and put a little commentary in between. Here is sweet Faith and itty bitty Hannah. They are the offspring of some friends of mine. Hannah is only a couple of days younger than Maggie Lu, and I kept comparing her to my little one. Does she weigh more or less? Am I feeding Maggie Lu enough? Silliness.

Isn't Beth's hair amazing?
Probably my favorite of the day. Love the relationship between Mommy and daughter, and I love how Hannah is exploring with her eyes and hands. They just grow up so fast. Sigh.

Ken can make your closet awesome, by the way. You did say you were going to get organized in 2011!

Her hairstyle is intentional. It's called the Kramer, but only a few select can pull it off.
Leaving you with a shot from Christmastime :).

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