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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Melissa + Joy : SATURATED | January White

I like Joy Crampton. I met her six years ago in San Antonio. Our relationship built slowly, but it's thick now. Thick because we have a lot of common interests; photography, service to church, home birthing. And thick because we've been through life together. She has seen me give birth etc, etc, etc. I've been around to see her change jobs, lead people in life changing prayer, etc, etc, etc.

I like taking pictures. I obviously take a lot of pictures of LIFE. You know... babies, marriages, hugs, but I like to photograph other things as well. I just don't have anyone saying, "Melissa, be on a back road Saturday morning at 10 to photograph some white tombstones." So I end up laying in bed at 10am on Saturday.

Until now.

Joy proposed that we take on a project. We each take a photo every month centered around a theme. She was inspired by these gals, Ketti + Julia | Familiar. We agreed the themes would be colors. January is white. Awesome. So now I get to interact with my friend and I have a reason to take awesome artistic photos!

Are you excited yet? Well, here are our two representations of the color white. Mine is on the left. Joy's is on the right.

What will next month's color be?

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