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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Faith Comes Softly

Tonight I went to pray for my kids before lights were turned out. Normally prayer time goes like this. "Lord, help D'arcy, Julian, and Schroeder to sleep well, have wonderful, encouraging dreams, and be rested so they can make good choices tomorrow." Generic, I know.
However, on occasion, I try to make night time prayers a little deeper. Tonight, I told them to tell God one thing they were thankful for. Then I asked them to ask God one thing they wanted to know about Him.
Julian decided he wanted to know what God's favorite thing was. D'arcy thought this was a good idea. So, they looked up towards heaven and posed that question to God. I told them if they got an answer at some point, I would be interested to hear what it was. D'arcy sat quietly for a moment, and then said, "Mom, I heard that his favorite thing was me. No, his favorite thing was all of us."

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