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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Scoop

I was reminded tonight that I have been neglecting my blog, but I have some good excuses!

First of all, I've been relatively silent on the topic of our move. Somehow, about six months ago, someone from Stephen's work got wind about our future plans to leave the state of Texas. It then became a topic of discussion in a manager's meeting. I'm assuming the knowledge came from either a status update or a blog post that I put out into cyberspace. It was frustrating to think that my "private", "personal" updates somehow made their way to Stephen's managers. Everything worked out, and USAA (Stephen's employer) basically told him that they were happy to have him as long as he wanted to stay around.

Previously, I had mentioned that we were planning to move to Portland, OR. That was the plan for many years, until December when, for many reasons, we decided we wanted to move back to Indiana to be closer to family. When became the question. My stipulation was that we needed insurance. Since I was pregnant, private insurance is out of the question. They won't insure a woman already pregnant. So our only option was for Stephen to get a job with insurance before the baby was born OR to wait until the baby was here when I could get private insurance.

Well, yesterday, a company in Indianapolis offered Stephen a seemingly good job opportunity. Today, he accepted the offer and gave his work two weeks notice that he would be leaving his current position. He begins on May 17th.

I, however, will be staying in Texas until June 6th for two reasons. First, D'arcy will get to finish up her year of kindergarten. Secondly, I've committed to photographing weddings on May 29th and June 5th. Stephen and I have never been apart for more than a week and a half. Sadly, we'll be in different states on our 7 year wedding anniversary. However, I'm looking forward to utilizing our Indiana babysitters so we can go out on lots of dates before Maggie shows up in August.

There are lots of things still to be figured out including who will deliver this baby, who will buy our house in Texas, and how long we will live with Stephen's parents. I told his dad that I couldn't live there very long if FOX News was continually on. But, hey, I guess beggars can't be choosers.

So that's the scoop.



    The Dilleys are excited!!!!!!!!

  2. I've got the name of the midwife in Indy i was going to use. She is amazing, really love her.
    Let me know if you're interested :)
    Glad you're able to move back by your family

  3. Wow! How exciting for you guys! I'll be praying with you for a great fast sale on your home and smooth transition back to Indy!

  4. Not to worry I make him turn off the news after about an hour at night.LOL Just know this Grammy couldn't be happier

  5. you could get Dad a I phone/touch gizmo that he could plug headphones into and watch Pox News in blissful conservative peace

  6. Ha ha about fox news ;)

    I am really excited for you all to move up here!!! We will only be about 4 hours away!

    Good luck with the house- you all are in a good neighborhood, hopefully you won't have too much trouble selling it. We know a good realtor if you need one.