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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


When I lived in Indiana, I thought March was the ugliest month of the year. It certainly wasn't a month to look forward to, but, instead, a month to simply get through. It was the month when you were longing for spring but winter wouldn't leave.
March is different in Texas. March is the one month of the year that your grass is green and your flowers bloom. It is the month you don't want to end because you know that it's only going to get hotter and hotter. Last year the temperature hit 100 degrees every day from June till August.
This year, the weather was just right for Texas wildflowers. What better background for Easter pictures?
The kids ensemble was lovingly picked out by their Grammy and shipped to us. Let's just say that I'm blessed with a mother-in-law who is super generous not only because she bought all this stuff, but because she didn't give me grief for making some exchanges. See, she bought Julian and Schroeder matching outfits. Not just coordinated outfits, but completely matching outfits.
Now, I know a lot of mommies love to match their kids, but there is just something about a completely matching outfit that screams DORK! to me. Stephen is a self-proclaimed geek, but he's made it clear that dork and geek are two totally different things. Being a geek is something to be proud of he says. Being a dork isn't.
So I took Schroeder's shirt and Julian's sweater vest back. Schroeder got a striped shirt, and Julian got a robot tie. Now everyone has their own, unique look. Thanks Grammy for being so flexible!


  1. What I am loving is how well the colors of the outfits go with the back ground of the flowers. A great accident. And I sure am glad you rescued my grandsons from DORKiness. Geek yes Dork no I got it. !!!

  2. I want a dress just like D'arcy's!!! And those pics are awesome of course! :) I miss you guys!